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Video is made by our friend Emily. Thank you very much, Emily!

Are you interested in how the covid-19 has affected us?

Every now and then we get questions from people who want to help us, so we wanted to tell honestly about our situation.

Covid 19 Pandemic is making life hard for many people, and we are one of those. Usually, we work around the year, but we get the salary of the year in 4 months: December-March. With the money that we earn during the winter, we pay the food and care for the dogs for the year, make invests for the company and pay salaries for our workers and to ourselves. In winter 2019-2020, we were able to earn 80% of the normal winter before the pandemic hit and everything closed. After that, we started to make savings with everything we could so we would survive. We couldn't keep our workers, so we worked harder on the husky farm by ourselves, and we also worked outside of our farm as much it was possible to work, we also cut all expenses and invests and didn't pay salaries to ourselves. The most important thing was that the dogs and our family were able to eat.

And we survived somehow until this winter arrived but without tourists. Now we should be earning money that would keep us moving until next winter, but there are no customers. At the moment we only have 0-1 safaris/week, so it is very hard to pay the bills as the expenses of the dogs are the same (approx 2700€/month) even there are no customers.

If you are willing to help us, we are very grateful. Our longtime worker Ayla has started fundraising and it is possible to help us through them: please see the link below. It is an easy and safe way to donate if you wish to do so.

We have 90 huskies in our husky kennel, and the welfare of the dogs is very important for us. The cost of food and health care (not counting anything for the salaries for the people) is approx 1 € / dog/day (total approx 90 € / day for all our dogs) so even a small donation is helping us a little bit further toward the brighter future.

We are very thankful for your help, we really appreciate any help!

With Love,
Lionel & Milla

(+ children Lumi & Aarni, and all the huskies)

PS If you can't donate anything now, please help us by sharing the link with your friends:








We are a small family business in Ranua, Finland. We have been working with huskies since 1998. The wellbeing of our dogs is very important for us. 

Arctic Borealis Huskies

Rekikoirantie 1 
97665 Pohjasperä

+358 40 8468 227

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