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It all started in 1996, when Lionel moved with his father Thomas and 24 huskies from Alsace, France to Muonio to do safari work. A few years later, Milla happened to work on the same husky farm, and after meeting Lionel there, she also ended up working in a husky farm in Muonio.

In 2006, Lionel and his father moved to Ranua Pohjasperä to build a husky kennel. A little later, after the kennel was completed, Milla and about 30 huskies followed them to Ranua. Arctic Borealis was founded, and initially, the company offered week-long husky rides, snowmobile safaris, and other winter activities with accommodations.

Thomas died unexpectedly in 2009, so it was time for Lionel and Milla to rethink the company’s operations. At Ranua Zoo, the demand for winter tourism began to rise, and they were given the opportunity to start doing shorter husky rides, the so-called day work, which suited their life situation better, as there was a small child in the family and another coming. However, Ranua did not yet have enough work on husky safaris at that time, so the entrepreneurs also went on safaris in Rovaniemi, Levi and Muonio.

Since 2016, the company has been organizing winter husky safaris from the Wild Arctic Husky Park next to Ranua Zoo. The operations became year-round in 2019 when the Arctic Borealis Huskies kennel began organizing summer programs.

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