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Terms and conditions of programs organized by Arctic Borealis Huskies

Participation in the service

Departures for booked safaris / programs are on a specific day, at a specific time as confirmed in the booking confirmation. The client must be ready to leave on that day 15 minutes before the start of the program at the agreed meeting place. If the customer is not present on time for any reason (for example, weather / weather conditions, delayed flight, illness or other unforeseen circumstances), Arctic Borealis Huskies is not obliged to return the payment, provide a refund or reorganize the program. Arctic Borealis Huskies recommends that the customers ensure that they have valid insurance for such situations.


The service organized by Arctic Borealis Huskies has its own separate service price list for children, which is valid for 4-14 year old-children, and the price is defined in the program description. Adult rates apply for persons of 15 years and older. Children under the age of 4 can participate for free, in the lap of adult (who is paying the normal price) for some safaris, as defined in the program description. The number of children under the age of 4 must be stated at the time of booking. The ages of the children must be stated at the time of booking.

Parents of children have the duty to ensure that the child's age and physical conditions are appropriate for the activity / service booked and that the children are dressed appropriately for the weather. In winter, guests can borrow warm winter equipment (overalls, winter shoes) free of charge. Arctic Borealis Huskies may prohibit children from participating in safaris for health and safety reasons (for example, severe frost).


The customer always participates in the services at his own risk. Husky safaris are not recommended for pregnant women, especially in early pregnancy, or for people with back, hip, wrist, or leg injuries, or other health issues that may be affected by, for example, vibration or bounces. If the customer wishes to participate in the service despite the recommendations, she/he does so at his own risk, and Arctic Borealis Huskies will not be liable for any damages. In this case, the customer must sign a disclaimer form before participating in the program.

The customer has to inform while booking, if there is any health restrictions or other factors that may affect the execution of the program. The service provider may also deny the customer participation in the service due to health reasons.

The participant in the service must be in such a condition that participation in the service is possible without endangering health. If the service provider believes that the customer's participation may pose a risk (for example, to the person himself, other customers, dogs, or staff), the service provider may deny the customer participation in the program. Such a risk factor may be, for example, being under the influence of a narcotic substance.

Booking and payment terms


Reservations can be made by phone or e-mail with Arctic Borealis Huskies, or via the online store. Prices include VAT.

The information requested from the customer (name, address, telephone number, email address and ages of the children) is only needed to place the order and execute the safari. All customer information is treated confidentially. When booking, you must agree to the booking conditions.


The reservation is valid for the number of people stated in the reservation and becomes binding when Arctic Borealis Huskies has sent the order confirmation to the customer's e-mail address. The customer's email address is required when booking. The customer must check the booking confirmation and notify Arctic Borealis Huskies immediately of any errors (eg time). If Arctic Borealis Huskies is not notified of the error, the passenger will be held liable for the error.

Arctic Borealis Huskies reserves the right to change programs and prices.

Arctic Borealis Huskies is not responsible for any incorrect prices



Reservations cannot be made through the online store without payment. Payment can be made via online banking or by credit card.
Payment service provider
Paytrail Oyj (2122839-7) cooperates with Finnish banks and credit institutions as the payment service provider and payment service provider. Paytrail Oyj appears as the payee on the account statement or card invoice and forwards the payment to the merchant. Paytrail Oyj has a payment institution license. In the event of a complaint, please contact the product supplier in the first instance.
Paytrail Oyj, business ID: 2122839-7
Innova 2
Lutakonaukio 7
40100 Jyväskylä
Phone: 020 718 1830

Cancellation policy


If canceled up to 2 days before the date of arrival: Arctic Borealis Huskies will charge a cancellation fee of € 15.
If canceled less than 2 days before the date of safari: Arctic Borealis Huskies will charge 100% of the price.

Cancellations must be made by email to
Arctic Borealis Huskies will make the refunds within 2 weeks of cancellation.

Arctic Borealis Huskies has the right to cancel the safari. Programs can be changed due to weather conditions or to ensure customer safety. If Arctic Borealis Huskies cancels a booking due to force majeure or a risk identified by Arctic Borealis Huskies (eg weather / ice conditions) and replacement service cannot be arranged, the customer is entitled to a full refund of the booking fee. However, Arctic Borealis Huskies is not obliged to pay any other compensation in these cases.



If the customer or Arctic Borealis Huskies cancels the reservation due to illness / quarantine or other regulations related to covid-19,  the general cancellation policy of Arctic Borealis Huskies will be followed.

If the customer is cancelling the reservation due the covid -19,(e.g. a national or international entry restriction, or other risk to life or health) the customer must immediately notify Arctic Borealis Huskies of the cancellation. The customer has the right to transfer the unused reservation within the available capacity of Arctic Borealis Huskies for a period of 12 months following the notification. The price difference for the booking period will be reviewed at the time of transfer, so there may be a refund or surcharge to compensate for the price difference.

Responsibility of Arctic Borealis Huskies


Arctic Borealis Huskies has appropriate security and risk management plans for program services / activities. Health and safety standards are taken into account in the provision of services in accordance with Finnish laws and regulations. Arctic Borealis Huskies has valid liability insurance. Arctic Borealis Huskies has the right to require the customer to comply with safety regulations and Finnish laws and regulations.


The animals used in all programs / activities have been trained as far as possible. The behavior of the animals is never completely predictable and for this reason, in order to avoid dangerous situations, the participants must follow the safety and other instructions given by the representative of Arctic Borealis Huskies.


Arctic Borealis Huskies can only be held liable for personal injury and damage to property caused by an accident resulting from the malfunction or defective equipment of Arctic Borealis Huskies or its personnel or subcontractor.

Complaints and remarks


Any complaints and remarks should be made immediately after the topic arises during the program / activity, and / or immediately after the safari to the staff of Arctic Borealis Huskies, so that the company can correct the error on site. If no notice is given during the program or within a reasonable time, the customer loses the right to price reductions or other compensation.
Complaints with possible attachments should be submitted to:


The customer is responsible for the customer's error, any damages and damages caused by the customer are reimbursed by the customer's insurance, so the customer's insurance matters must be in order.


Finnish law and regulations apply to agreements with Arctic Borealis Ky. The Contracting Parties shall endeavor to settle disputes arising from this Agreement through mutual consultations. If no agreement is reached in the negotiations, the conflicts will be resolved in accordance with the domicile of Arctic Borealis Huskies in the Lapland District Court. The customer can take the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board or the Lapland District Court.

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